Village Hall Update - Covid-19

After much consideration, the Trustees have concluded not to reopen the hall due to the current restrictions in place to prevent the transmission of Covid virus. The impact of these restrictions will limit the attendance of events to comply with social distancing and will require the hall to be cleaned before and after each event. As from 8th August, a face covering will be mandatory for entering a village hall and for such events as the Rural Cinema and meetings. Exemptions include indoor sports and when consuming food and drink. A local village hall that has reopened, no events have been booked due to these restrictions. Further review of when the hall can be reopened will considered as and when changes to these current restrictions take place.

Regarding the 100 Club, we would especially like to thank all those who have shares in the Club. Their continuing support while the hall is closed with no income from event hires is more than ever important and greatly appreciated. Renewals for the 100 Club are due in August and of course we would understand if members may think of cancelling because the hall is closed but we still have to go on paying expenses like utility bills, insurance, etc. The income this coming year from the 100 Club is more vital than ever before and we hope very much that members will renew and continue to support the hall.